Summer 2012

Well, it goes like this…

WBRB R.I.P. 2010-2012.

I am grateful to the people that supported the group and tried, to help get this band off the ground.

My thanks to those of you that came out to see us play, and send notes on the internet, and the few reviewers that could wrap their head around the stupid name we gave ourselves, to give us a boost.

Fans of great drummers should check out Jimmy is truly great. Thank you Jimmy.

Lots of stuff happening this Summer. Check the dates section.

The trio w/ Wayne Deadder @wdeadder(twitter) and Shawn Abedin is still doing it’s Saturday in Oakville. I am still belting ‘em out at Less Than Level on Thursdays, with more good stuff to come.

Onward and upward friends,



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