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Windsor Bluesfest ’09 w/ The Lincolns


Part of any musicians education is backing other people up.
Branton has been featured by, played with, shared the stage, recorded
with ,and just plain jammed, with a who’s who of Canadian and American
blues musicians. Including: Jeff Healey, Michael Pickett, George”Wildchild”
Butler, Chicago Pete, Pat Ramsey, Richard Newell “aka King Biscuit Boy”,
, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith,Lee Oskar, Jordan John,
Steve Marriner &Matt Sobb(Monkeyjunk), Amos Garrett, Michael
Fonfara(Electric Flag) and long time boss Stu Heydon. To name a few.


Selected Discography:

Mike Branton -Dirty Feet (2001)

Stu Heydon -Trouble(1999),To My Very Soul(2006),3rd Degree(2009), When Worlds Collide (2011)

Live at Healey’s -The Thursday night recordings w/ Jeff Healey& Michael Pickett(2003)

Shrimp Daddy and The Sharpshooters -Messin’ with my System w/ Steve Marriner and Matt Sobb of Monkeyjunk (2009)

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Mike Branton Band Technical Requirements

3 Vocal mics Shure SM58 or better quality 1 Stage Left,1 Stage Right,1 at Drums

Guitar Amp- pre-1972 Fender Super Reverb,or Re-issue. Substitute 4X10 Fender Bassman Re-issue or Fender Hot Rod DeVille 4X10.

Harmonica/Guitar amp- Same as Guitar Amp

Bass Amp- Ampeg/Eden/SWR heads are acceptable,4X10+1X15 or 8X10 cabinet

Drums- Industry Standard Professional Quality 4 piece.

6 Wedge monitors-2 stage right,2 Stage Left,1 in front of Bass,1 left of Drums.

3 AC Drop boxes 1 behind guitar amp,1 behind Harmonica/guitar amp,1 behind bass amp.


.PDF Mike Branton Stage Plot





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